Embodying the latest advancements in IPL technology, the ultra-modern, streamlined SuperLUX IPL machine boasts state-of-the-art SHR (Super Hair Removal) technology. This means virtually painless permanent hair removal treatments in half the time of a traditional IPL hair removal session thanks to a new ground breaking treatment delivery method which utilises high pulse repetition rates at low energy levels to gradually heat the hair follicle to the point of destruction.

When it comes to offering a whole range of technology-enhanced treatments to your service menu, you can’t get much more versatile than SuperLUX. Treatments with SuperLUX involve minimal discomfort and are non-invasive aesthetic procedures that requires no post-treatment downtime, making it an attractive selling point for clients with modern, busy lifestyles.



Rapid and painless IPL hair removal

  • 5 aesthetic treatments: Permanent Hair Removal, Photo Rejuvenation, Acne Management, Pigmentation Correction and Vascular Therapy
  • Dual-Mode Technology: providing clinican's the ability to treat lighted pigmented hair types 
  • SHR technology: Features revolutionary Super Hair Removal technology to deliver virtually painless hair removal in half the time of a typical IPL treatment
  • Performance power and endurance: 2000 watts of power, guaranteed 150,000 handpiece shots and 6 hours of continuous treatment time
  • Integrated skin cooling: Reaches as low as -4° for enhanced patient comfort during treatment
  • Interchangeable filters: Deliver all 5 skin and hair treatments with just a single handpiece
  • RF handpiece option: Upgrade to receive an RF handpiece for added face + body RF Skin Tightening treatments
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