The PowerLUX IPL is the latest LUX Series IPL development and is specially designed to drive home high calibre clinical results for up and coming salons, spas and clinics while maintaining peak performance and an affordable price to suit any budget.

The compact PowerLUX features integrated Dual-Mode technology (IPL + RF) plus the top 5 core IPL treatments from permanent hair removal to anti-ageing photo rejuvenation. Include the RF handpiece upgrade option to further expand your treatment menu and your business will be rewarded with one of the most dynamic and value-driven multifunctional technologies available today! 


A powerful introduction to IPL

  • 5 aesthetic treatments: Permanent Hair Removal, Photo Rejuvenation, Acne Management, Pigmentation Correction and Vascular Therapy
  • Dual-Mode technology: Advanced design allows treatment for lighter pigmented hair, including blonde and red
  • Performance power and application longevity: 1200 watts of running power with handpiece shots: 150,000 guaranteed/300,000 maximum
  • Integrated skin cooling: Reaches as low as -4° for enhanced patient comfort during treatment
  • Compact design: Ultra-modern and compact body fits neatly on a tabletop and is ideal for minimal or space-limited treatment rooms
  • RF handpiece option: Upgrade to receive an RF handpiece for added face + body RF Skin Tightening treatments
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