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IPL Machines for Sale

The Global Beauty Group are Australia's leading supplier of state of the art IPL machines and technology based beauty salon equipment. With a client base over over 500 beauty business owners using our range of fantastic IPL machines in theri salons, we have become the most trusted and reliable source of beauty equipment in the country.

Ultralux V4™ IPL Machine

Power, performance and innovation are the traits that embody the LUX series of IPL machines. No matter what the size of your salon is, there is an IPL machine just perfect for the beginner or more advanced beauty therapist.


All of the devices within the LUX series of IPL machines for sale by the Global Beauty Group are designed to deliver stellar results when treating some of the most popular and in-demand beauty services such as permanent hair removal, anti-ageing skin rejuvenation, pigmentation treatment, vascular therapy and acne correction, including smoothing the nasty scars that acne can leave behind.

You can even go above and beyond these brilliant beauty treatments and achieve so much more with the clever and extremely versatile Ultralux V4™ IPL machine.

Features and Benefits of the Ultralux V4™ IPL Machine

This leading edge aesthetic work station boasts the ability to reduce cellulite and re-shape the body with its fat cavitation functionality. Added to that, its radio frequency technology provides outstanding skin tightening abilities – this function is perfect for revitalising ageing and sagging loose skin and is ideal for tightening those areas where weight loss has occurred.

For beauty professionals on the go or small, space limited salons the Portalux™ IPL machine offers an impeccable solution with its compact sizing and complete portability. This sleek and petite device still packs a powerful punch to deliver amazing hair removal and skin rejuvenation services. In fact, you can enjoy an impressive 6+ hours of continuous working time with the industrious Portalux™ machine.

The other devices featured in the LUX series of medical grade IPL machines are the Ultralux V1™ and Fastlux™. Just like their counterparts, these IPL machines are built for pushing your business to its full potential by providing your clients with high calibre, results-driven IPL treatments.

Why Buy an IPL Machine from The Global Beauty Group

There are so many great reasons to invest in IPL – firstly, it is a scientifically backed method that really works to provide long-lasting results. Secondly, IPL has the ability to work faster and over larger areas of skin as opposed to laser hair removal so this is a great cost-effective factor.

Thirdly, a high quality IPL machine is truly a multi-faceted beauty work station as it provides a whole array of treatment options from permanent hair removal to rosacea treatment and many other wonderful services in between. 

Unlike a single-service device, the ability to perform multiple beauty applications painlessly and non-invasively makes IPL a value-driven beauty technology that can harness limitless potential for new, growing or establishes salons, spas, clinics or practices.

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